Single 10" 1000w Powered Subwoofer - Black Lacquer

Single 10" 1000w Powered Subwoofer - Black Lacquer

Single 10" 1000w Powered Subwoofer - Black Lacquer
Single 10" 1000w Powered Subwoofer - Black Lacquer
Single 10" 1000w Powered Subwoofer - Black Lacquer
Sunfire HRS10

The big breakthrough features of this 10" subwoofer are its uncanny 1,000W Tracking Downconverter amplifier, and its long throw, High Back-emf woofer. These powerful forces combine to produce as much bass as several 15 inch drivers mounted in a cabinet the size of a small refrigerator!

10 Inches. 1000 Watts. Countless Hours of Enjoyment.

If your subwoofer puts out less than 1000 Watts, it’s not an HRS Series subwoofer. All HRS subwoofers produce this prodigious sound in a cabinet no larger than the size of your monitor. If that’s still not enough, the amplifier in all three HRS models incorporates Sunfire’s unique Tracking Downconverter™ technology. Remarkably, this amp design remains incredibly cool while delivering up to 50% more voltage than our competitor’s designs. More voltage means more control of the subwoofer itself. And more control means deeper, more accurate bass, something you’ll truly appreciate every time you listen to your favorite music and movies. For medium-sized and multi-purpose rooms, where both music and movies are just what the doctor ordered, there’s no better choice than the HRS-10.

Sunfire HRS10 Features at a Glance


  • Woofer: 10"
  • Configuration: Single-Active
  • Custom, High Excursion Woofer
  • High Back-emf Design



  • Power Output: 1,000Wrms
  • Tracking Downcoverter Power Supply
  • Soft Clipping Circuitry



  • Auto Turn-On
  • Level Control
  • Crossover Adjustment: 30-100Hz inf. var.
  • Crossover Bypass
  • Phase Adjustment: 0-180 degree inf. var.



  • Gold Plated Connections
  • RCA Inputs/Outputs: 2/2
  • Speaker Level Inputs
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • International Voltage Selection
  • Removable IEC Cord



  • Finish: Black Gloss
  • Grille: Black Cloth
Sunfire HRS10 Specifications
  • FamilyHRS
  • Power Requirements120VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Woofer Size10 (Inches)
  • Woofer ConstructionCustom, High Excursion Woofer
  • Woofer ConfigurationSingle Active
  • Input Power120VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output Power1,000Wrms
  • Power Consumption600W typical
  • Frequency Response20-100Hz
  • Max SPL105
  • Input ImpedanceRCA : 30kohms

    Speaker Level : 5.6k ohms (Ohms)
  • Phase Control0-180° inf. var.
  • Crossover Adjustment30-100Hz inf. var.
  • Enclosure FinishBlack Gloss
  • Dimensions11.5" cube
Shipping Info
  • Length17.2 (Inches)
  • Width17.2 (Inches)
  • Height17.8 (Inches)
  • Weight39.5 (Lbs)
  • Unit of MeasureEach
  • UPC844039007056
  • Master Pack Qty1
Other Specifications
  • Driver Impedance: 4.6ohm
  • Speaker Level Inputs : Yes
  • Crossover Bypass :Yes
  • Outputs : 2 RCA
Sunfire HRS10 Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty