The biggest possible bass from impossibly small cabinets. 

Sunfire XTEQ

The three subs in the XTEQ line deliver tight, musical, powerful bass that spikes the entertainment value dramatically within every home.Bu the beauty of XTEQ isn’t just in its big musical sound. It’s the chic, compact design that blends into any room.

Sunfire HRS Subs

The HRS series is a Home Theater lover’s reason to celebrate, each subwoofer featuring a long-excursion woofer and massive magnet structure to give you incredible deep, puchy and musical bass you'll appreciate every time the HRS powers up.

Sunfire SDS Series Subwoofers

The Sunfire Dynamic Series embodies contemporary design, timeless refinement and sonic performance that are singularly Sunfire. The three subwoofers in the DS line feature dual drive technology that's forceful, rugged and elegant.


The SubRosa is the flat-panel subwoofer with StillBass™ technology, which virtually eliminates harmful mechanical vibrations. Behind the elegant rosewood cabinet is the rare combination of massive power paired with extraordinary reserve.