Sunfire Warranty

Warranty Periods 


SubRosa: Five (5) Years

SDS: Three (3) Years

HRS & ATMOSXT:  One (1) Year

Theater Grand Amplifiers: Five (5) Years

Cinema Ribbon Speakers: Five (5) Years

Accessories: One (1) Year


We can not determine from the serial number when the unit was purchased, only your dealer would possibly have that information. We can determine when the product was manufactured and will warrant the product from that date, however, there is sometimes a significant lag time between the manufacturing date and the purchase date. 

Please note: Sunfire warranties are transferable should it be sold or given as a gift. 

All repairs by the Sunfire Service Department carry a (90) ninety day warranty from the date of repair. The entire unit must be returned (no parts or subassemblies) to warranty the repair. 

Warranty Is Void If:

  1. The unit has been worked on by an unauthorized repair shop.
  2. Any internal fuses have been replaced.
  3. Unit has been modified in any way.
  4. Unit has been damaged by abuse, (i.e., broken binding post, power cord cut off, etc.).

Full terms of the warranty are included in each User's Manual with the unit. 

Extended Warranties:
Sunfire does not offer extended warranties to customers directly, however, most dealers offer extended warranty programs for products they sell, please contact your Sunfire dealer where the unit was purchased for details and procedures for service.


Out of Warranty Repair Rates (flat rate) 

Contact for Rate

 Contact for Rate

Contact for Rate

Contact for Rate

This includes all parts, labor and return shipping (US Only). Shipping charges to the factory are paid by you. Repair charge does not cover physical damage or damage caused by shipping.


Express Shipping (UPS) US Shipping Only 

Contact for Rate

Contact for Rate

Contact for Rate


Shipping Damage 

If we receive a damaged product we will contact you with details of the damage. If practical, we will also provide you the estimated cost to repair the damage(s) resulting from shipping. This charge will be in addition to the flat rate repair charge for products that are out of warranty, products within the Sunfire warranty period are not covered for damages due to shipping. 

The repair process will not begin until:

  1. A damage claim is filed. (Claims must be presented to the carrier from the sender)
  2. The unit is inspected by the carrier.
  3. We have written authorization and method of payment from the owner/sender to proceed with the repair at the estimated charges.

Please note: It has been our experience that most carriers will not honor insurance claims for improperly packaged goods.